Fiber optics: a bill to improve the quality of networks

“We must finally put an end to the current practice, achieve the restoration of degraded networks at the expense of the guilty, which involves providing funds to Arsep, local authorities and their service providers to control and punish any violation of the modern state. Senator Ayn Patrick Shaze, also president of de l’Avicca, the Association of Cities and Communities for Electronic Communications and Audiovisuals, decided to use big funds.

After a quality action plan was introduced last month to end the poor workmanship that plagues fiber deployment in France, on July 19, a senator introduced a bill to guarantee “the quality and durability of high-speed fiber optic electronic devices.” communication networks”.

“Forced” text.

Self-regulation is having difficulty getting results, this bill (PPL) is intended “for enforcement purposes”. It is intended to oblige operators and their subcontractors to guarantee the quality of communication and prevent damage observed on network equipment (technical cabinets, cables, boxes, etc.), under pain of granting subscribers the right to suspend payment of their subscription fee from their Internet provider.

The PPL plans to oblige ISPs to limit the number of subcontractor ranks, systematically communicate network intervention schedules, and authorizes the operator that built the network to require evidence of proper implementation of benefits. In public initiative networks, local governments may condition payment for these services on verification of the suitability of the installation.

In areas where the fiber optic network is fully deployed (which allows new home developers not to connect them to the copper network), the connection will be entrusted to the infrastructure operator, not the commercial operator.

In addition, the PPL will strengthen the control and sanctions of the telecommunications regulator Arcep. And will allow subscribers who have been victims of repeated cuts to terminate their subscription for free and receive compensation.

“I never thought it would come to this”

“Together with the state, regulator ARCEP and local authorities, we are making the sad observation that the country’s public fiber situation is not improving despite our warnings and repeated requests. To make matters worse, it has worsened in some territories that call regularly. for help from Avikka,” complained Patrick Chase. The irritated community of communes in Paris, Saclay, for example, filed a complaint against X.

And the Ain Senator doesn’t stop at his PPL. “I never thought that I would have to come to this, but now it seems to me highly desirable that a parliamentary inquiry shed light on public funds allocated for fiber optic connections of community initiative networks.” This possible parliamentary inquiry will focus on the procedures followed by the operators, the financial arrangements and the financing of the recovery. According to the senator, at least 80% of connection points will be “more or less seriously damaged.”

The Federation of Industrialists in the sector also called at the end of June for the “Grenelle sustainability”, which will serve, inter alia, to arbitrate under the auspices of the state who will have to pay for this rehabilitation.

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