FIFA 22 is available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass!

Football fans will be happy to know that FIFA 22 is now available on EA Play and therefore free for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

Play FIFA 22 now

FIFA 22 was talked about a few days ago because it’s one of the games “offered” in May to PlayStation+ subscribers. Rest assured, Xbox players, this game is now also playable if you’re an EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber.

Two separate versions of FIFA 22 are available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, so be sure to select the version that’s compatible with your console. PC players can now also enjoy the game through PC Game Pass.

HyperMotion technology incorporates the collective motion capture data and evolving intelligence that powers every match in FIFA 22. With next-generation consoles, gameplay is more realistic, responsive and fluid than ever before. FIFA 22 offers innovation across all game modes.

> Download the Xbox One version

> Download the Xbox Series X|S version

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