FIFA 23 features beIN SPORTS Star Announcer Duo

Herve Mato comments on FIFA games, it’s over. Renowned Football Club host Canal is broadcasting a new strike duo: Omar da Fonseca and Benjamin da Silva, beIN SPORTS lead commentators, will now also be working on FIFA 23!

Who doesn’t know FIFA? The video game franchise would be almost – we say almost – more famous than the Federation from which it takes its name. It’s a must-have game for all football fans who like to test their thumbs on the console. Developed by Electronic Arts since 1993, before the advent of the PlayStation, during the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo days, this video game still causes an event, almost 30 years later, as soon as a new edition appears. . Because, like major football competitions, it repeats itself every season. And that’s why fans are looking forward to the new FIFA 23, which will be released on September 30 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as on Nintendo Switch.

Once again, it’s Kylian Mbappe, the great star of Paris Saint-Germain and French football in general, who can be found on the cover of the game for the third consecutive season. Notably, in the Ultimate Edition, prodigy Bondy shares the score with Australian Chelsea striker Sam Kerr, who thus becomes the very first player to appear on the prestigious cover in franchise history. And this is not the only (great) novelty in this FIFA 23… There are changes in the French version in terms of comments.

Yes, after at least 16 years of good and faithful service, Herve Mato, who has stood at the microphone since 2007, will no longer be in FIFA credits. While he was already alone in the commentary on Issue 22, for someone who has formed a memorable duo over the years with Pierre Menes, but was ousted after allegations of sexual abuse against him, it’s time for top football club Canal Passing the Torch. . Who will replace him? Some hoped for the famous TF1 pairing, Gregoire Margotton and Bixente Lizarazu. Ultimately, it won’t be them, but another symbolic doublet of the small screen: Omar da Fonseca and Benjamin da Silva, lead commentators for beIN SPORTS.

From soccer stadium booths to recording studios

The news, which fell on Wednesday, July 20, made fans very happy, already excited about the idea of ​​finding the overexcited comments of the former Franco-Argentine footballer and star journalist of the channel. According to Le Parisien, it has been more than a year since the duo signed a contract with Hervé Matou. The transfer, which was also made without any rivalry, is quite the opposite, as shown in a small report signed by EA SPORTS France in which Hervé Mato wanted to thank “for all these wonderful years”:

“I am honored, your Herve, to take on the continuation of what you have been doing all these years,” Benjamin da Silva declares to a well-known journalist from Canal +. He and buddy Omar Da Fonseca embarked on this “new journey” last summer, recording commentary for FIFA 23 in a Paris studio. Long-term work that lasted almost a year, at the rate of two to three sessions per week to create more than 60,000 audio files, according to Le Parisien. Daily promises, in particular, “lyrical flights” worthy of those that make up the entire success of the couple on beIN SPORTS. All that’s left is to wait a little more before we can see what it looks like on our consoles…

Le Parisien

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