FIFA 23 pre-order (PS5, Xbox Series X, PC): all editions, prices and stores – Essonne Info

FIFA 23 is about to be released. But where can you pre-order the game? We’ll show you all the retailers and the best prices for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

Vancouver, Canada – FIFA 22 is coming to an end. EA’s FIFA 23 trailer is out and you can now pre-order the latest version of FIFA. To save you from having to pay more than you need to, we tell you where to pre-order FIFA 23 to save money. We also give you a detailed overview of pre-order bonuses and all editions.

Pre-order FIFA 23 for PS5, Xbox Series X and PC at Amazon, MediaMarkt, Saturn and more.

Where can I pre-order FIFA 23? On July 20, FIFA 23 showed itself for the first time in a new trailer. At the same time, EA is kicking off the pre-order phase of the football sim. As an alternative to Amazon, you can also purchase the game with FIFA 23 FUT Points on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

Buy FIFA 23 for PlayStation

Buy FIFA 23 for Xbox

Buy FIFA 23 for PC

  • FIFA 23 Standard Edition for PC for €69.99 (Cover by Kylian Mbappe)
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate for PC for 89.99

Buy FIFA 23 for Nintendo Switch

  • FIFA 23 Legacy Edition Nintendo Switch for €39.99 (Cover by Kylian Mbappé)

Where is FIFA 23 sold? In addition to traditional providers such as Amazon, GameStop, MediaMarkt, or Saturn, you also have access to the respective platform’s digital stores such as Playstation and Microsoft Store, Origin or Steam. We have listed all providers for you.

  • Store Playstation
  • Microsoft Store
  • Epic Games Store
  • cook for a couple
  • stadium
  • Amazon
  • MediaMarkt (not yet available)
  • Saturn (not yet available)

Pre-Order FIFA 23: Here’s How To Save Up To 20% On Your Purchase With The Discount Trick

Pre-order FIFA 23 at a low price Before you buy FIFA 23, make sure you take advantage of all discounts. So you can save 20% on your FIFA 23 pre-order in just a few steps.

However, the price reduction depends on two small conditions. We will show you in detail how to save 20%. This cheat is only applicable to the digital version of FIFA 23 and only after the official announcement.

  • FIFA 23 pre-order – How to save 20%?:
  • 1. open the full version of FIFA 22
  • 2. in the main menu you will find a link to the digital version of FIFA 23
  • 3. Click on this link and add FIFA 23 digital version to your shopping cart.
  • 4. here’s how to get the first 10% discount
  • 5. Purchase an EA Play subscription (€3.99). You can then cancel your subscription directly.
  • 6. get a second 10% discount.

FIFA 23 Pre-Order: Two Different Editions – Here’s What Pre-Order Bonuses Could Look Like

Pre-Order Edition Details: Over the years, EA has offered several pre-order titles for its FIFA series. This again applies to FIFA 23, which will be the last installment to bear the iconic name.

  • FIFA 23: Ultimate Edition Pre-Order Bonuses Possible
  • Three days of early access
  • Permanent player One to Watch
  • 4600 FIFA points
  • FUT Coverstars loan players
  • Weekly Gold Packs

While the Standard Edition should have a few FUT packs and players on loan, the Definitive Edition has a lot to look forward to. Here are all the potential FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition pre-order bonuses. The next part of FIFA will also feature a World Cup 2022 mode where you can replay the controversial World Cup in Qatar, including all stadiums.

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