FIFA, EA Sports: Last video game before divorce

“Fifa International Soccer”, “Fifa soccer” and then just “Fifa” tied to the respective year: Since 1993, Electronic Arts (EA) has released 29 editions of their soccer video game. The American firm sold 325 million copies in 2021, a record for a $20 billion sports sim, according to The New York Times.

FIFA wanted to triple the price of the contract

Goose with golden eggs for EA Sports, but, according to the latter, could bring even more to FIFA, the International Football Federation. His contract with the American company ends this year, so he would ask to continue using his name for the next ten years to raise his price to $150-250 million a year, which is still ongoing. estimated at $85 million.
On May 10, Electronic Arts responded indirectly in the negative by announcing a new football video game, EA Sports FC, launching next season.

FIFA license is a ‘barrier’ for EA Sports

If the official announcement of the breakup was made less than five months ago, Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, more than hinted at his employees last fall, as evidenced by a video published on the Video Games Chronicle website: “What do we get from FIFA in a year without a championship world (Editor’s note: a worldwide organization organizes it every four years) is the four letters on the front of the box in a world where most people don’t even see the box because they buy the game online. When we look to the future, we want to develop a franchise and, ironically, the FIFA license has actually been an obstacle to this,” Wilson said there, backing up his speech with a sharp tackle: “The FIFA brand matters more as a video game than as a guiding football organ.

EA Sports FC with “real” names and “Utimate Team” mode

Therefore, starting next year, Electronic Arts will do without FIFA. But he can always use the real names of players (except those belonging to clubs licensed by another publisher) and competitions (except the World Cup). More than 700 teams and 19,000 footballers, as well as the vast majority of competitions, are integrated into its database through direct agreements.
The California publisher will also retain its “Ultimate Team” mode, where players can play online matches against a team made up of players traded for virtual currency and/or won in packs, “loot boxes”. Credits can be obtained by winning matches and mini-games or by purchasing them with a credit card. This mode is the most popular among players and the most profitable for Electronic Arts, which, according to RTL, “would have grossed $1.6 billion last year through its ‘loot boxes’ (present in several video games), more than a third of its annual revenue.

Infantino: “Permanent is the name of FIFA and it will always remain the best”

While the Belarusian publishing house Strikerz announced the release of the football video game UFL on January 27, 2023, FIFA, for its part, intends to release its football game. Gianni Infantino, president of the world organization, indirectly announced this last May: “I can assure you that the only authentic and real game that bears the FIFA name will be the best available to players and football fans. The Fifa title is the only global and original title. Fifa 23, Fifa 24, Fifa 25 and Fifa 26, and so on… Constantly named Fifa and the game will always be the best.”
The divorce between Fifa and EA Sports is over and a new match is about to begin.

FIFA 2023

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