FIFA employee reportedly sells FUT cards at exorbitant prices

For a few hundred euros, players were able to buy the rarest cards in the game via private messages with an interlocutor who could well be an employee.

Credit: Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts has just launched an internal investigation into fraudulent practices. Indeed, it has been reported that an EA employee allegedly sold FIFA FUT cards directly to players in a totally prohibited manner. On Twitter, the scandal was renamed #EAGATE and there are dozens of publications about this practice, with supporting evidence. Screenshots of conversations with an EA employee show that he is offering to charge players hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, for the game’s rarest cards, namely Icon cards. The seller of these cards specifies that he only needs the player’s PlayStation Network ID to be able to integrate these cards into his game.

This case worries EA particularly since it creates injustice and unbalances the game. Some players have been able to spend hundreds of euros in the principle of random cards without ever receiving an Icon card or a card from a member of the team of the year. EA says further information will be released if it turns out that an employee is indeed involved in the matter and has broken the rules for personal gain.

This controversy unfortunately feeds another, which is that of the very existence of random loot in FIFA. It is well known that FIFA games do not have a very good rating when it comes to their micro-transactions and the principle of random loot in FIFA Ultimate Team mode. Many players denounce an incentive to buy for random lots whose rewards are not up to the amount paid. Several streamers and YouTubers have also decided to stop playing this game mode that they consider too toxic and unhealthy. This kind of complaint had also hit the Rocket League and Fortnite games, where this type of purchase was completely withdrawn from the games after a group complaint.

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