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In the world of streaming music, one of the main issues is the remuneration of artists. Today, many platforms take on most of the commissions, and musicians only get a fraction of the purchase they make. But Audius changes the situation. To better understand how the platform works, we spoke to Fils de Luxe, a French duo that climbed 24 spots.e put “Underground Trends” on the day.

How did you hear about the Audius app?

Novel: We had some fun playing with cryptocurrency and Aurelien found Audius cryptocurrency called AUDIO. He was interested in the project, so we downloaded the app and discovered the environment. We’ll use it for a month or two. That’s not bad, we have about 700 subscribers, compared to 140 on YouTube, and we accumulate a lot more listeners in a month. We are also watched by foreigners, making us an audience beyond our borders.

Audius promises 90% artist reward, while on other streaming platforms we prefer 12%. How do they manage to make a profit despite this?

Aurelien: Audius has mined its own cryptocurrency. Thus, they own 100% of the base of their currency, as if they made money. Then they put this cryptocurrency on the markets and today it is on major platforms like Binance (editor’s note: value multiplied by 500 s). It is with this money that artists are paid. By itself, if the app crashes and their currency is worthless anymore, that’s not good for artists. On the other hand, if the audio cryptocurrency continues to rise … This is the money they created that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. This is something like a bubble: it can continue to rise, but if it bursts, then it’s over.

Do you, as artists, ever need to invest money or is everything free?

Novel: No, everything is free. After that, upload your sounds for free download – the choice of the artist. They are of good quality and download very quickly. I did a test, to be honest, take off my hat!

On their website, they claim to have the best audio quality of any streaming service, is that true?

Aurelien: You need devices to measure this, it depends on the environment you are listening to. I don’t think we’ll see a huge difference on Spotify. But it is noticeable on YouTube and on large columns. Even if you don’t notice it, the sound hurts your ears less. It’s really good that they don’t compress audio too much, because it’s still meant for audiophiles.

Novel: Yes, we thought the sounds were of better quality because they are arguably less compressed than other platforms. This is why we can sometimes have gaps between sounds a little more important than on YouTube, but on the other hand, it sounds better.

Is there a particular music sector more represented than others, or can we really find everything on Audius?

Aurelien: Just like on SoundCloud, I think we’ll find very few old songs there, a lot of fresh stuff, original content posted by artists who create the sounds, a lot of remixes … and I feel like it’s a very worn out electro.

Novel: Depending on who you add, you can really have it all. Yesterday I even had a choir of priests, people reciting … But there is still a lot of electro, core, trance.

Are the artists predominantly American, or is it well-distributed all over the world?

Aurelien: At the moment it is predominantly American. All well-known artists supporting the main project, such as deadmau5, the main featured artist of the platform, or Skrillex, are American.

Do you think Audius can make apps like Spotify obsolete?

Novel: I think so. SoundCloud may go out of business tomorrow. You already have to pay for uploading sound to the platform, we really take artists for puppets. YouTube, like Spotify and the company, is interested in a cheaper premium offering. It’s over for me, I even want to delete my SoundCloud profile. I keep YouTube for clips for now because I don’t have much choice.

Aurelien: I think Audius’s direct competitor is not Spotify, but SoundCloud. In fact, Spotify’s goal is not to attract artists, as is the case with SoundCloud. This is not a discovery, it is primarily an opportunity to listen to what you already know. This is a different service.

How to explain that the application is little known?

Aurelien: I’m sure it will, but it takes time, it’s a curve. I think the combination of electronic music and cryptocurrency is for people who are a little fanatical at the moment.

What do you think needs to be improved in the app?

Novel: You cannot download the sound to your phone or share it to everyone however you want. Few settings are missing.

Aurelien: The downside is that there are many artists we can’t find on Audius yet. But this is also in the design of the application, in its identity. There is no video part either. But do not forget that this is a very recent project, it is six months old, so this is normal.

Novel: In addition, they still have a lot to improve. It’s just that the AUDIO course will not stop growing like that.

The last word?

Aurelien: We are very happy because we have achieved very good results in a very short time. It looks a bit like an application and it tells you that the file is dirty. This allows people to pay the artists they listen to without too much cost, it’s beneficial for everyone!

Novel: We have two / three sounds in preparation. We’re going to be posting sound in a few days, and we have something coming soon. We usually leave audio on Audius for a week before posting it to YouTube in order to encourage people to switch to this platform.

Check out the Fils de Luxe music news preview and discover this innovative platform simply here !

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