“Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster”, the most theatrical of RPGs

Final Fantasy VI is the last to be released on the Super Nintendo, and for many fans, it is still the best of the series (I remind you in passing that each episode is completely independent of the others).

Epic scenario…

Our story begins a millennium after a terrible planetary conflict, the War of Mages. A war that reduced the world to ashes, causing the death of “magic” itself. A thousand years later, technology has taken over the old notions: the steam engine, gunpowder, metal… But the memory of magic still exists, and some dream of bringing it back to life, even if it means repeating the terrible mistakes of the past. .

An empire was built on these insane ambitions, and she had her eye on neighboring countries. In particular, the city of Narshe, which is visited by two soldiers sitting on giant metal armor, accompanied by a mute young woman.

The soldiers’ attack attempt is aborted, and a young woman named Terra is driven out of the Empire’s control. Having lost her memory, she will go in search of her identity with the help of local resistance, which sees in her strange abilities the decisive factor capable of repelling the invader. Following him, the Emperor launched his personal magician and jester, disturbing Kefka.

With her new comrades in the resistance, Terra manages to escape from Kefka, but the sinister clown and the entire Imperial army are on his heels… This is the start of a long, very long journey for her, for the player, and for the diverse group of allies you’ll meet on your way.

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…and a five-star virtual casting

A somewhat cunning thief (sorry, he prefers the term “treasure hunter”), a young king overwhelmed by his duties, his brother who abandoned his own to seek meaning in his life, an enemy general who refuses to see his country sink into intolerance and madness, an abandoned child raised by wild beasts, an old knight seeking revenge for the cruel death of his family, a gambler unable to resist a bet… In terms of originality and quality of writing, the gallery of heroes is unmatched in the entire Final Fantasy series even today. She is sublimated by their adversary: ​​Kefka, the anthology villain, sometimes deeply funny, often much more frightening, especially when you glimpse the darkness of his soul at the turn of the phrase.

In total, there are fifteen heroes in the game, dozens of secondary characters … And almost the same number of tragic destinies. Because if Final Fantasy VI made such an impact, beyond the incredible breath that brings its story and its epic confrontations to life, it’s because the series has rarely offered such a masterfully choral story. Here, the main plot, against the backdrop of a cataclysm lurking in the shadows, is primarily a revealer of a painful past, melancholic memories and personal wounds…

The game also carries a message that should inspire our own reality: even the end of the world isn’t all that great as long as a few people, imperfect as they are, manage to keep hope alive.

🎮 FINAL FANTASY VI – Available in Pixel Remaster for PC, Android and iOS.

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