Final Fantasy VII The Chronik Fiction chain looks back on the death of an emblematic character of the saga

On the occasion of the release of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4, the YouTube channel Chronik Fiction has decided to take back the costume of the Coroner to return to one of the most emblematic dead of the video game.


Warning, this article may reveal part of the plot of Final Fantasy VII. If you haven’t finished this episode, we advise you not to go further.

The Coroner is back and this time he’s tackling the game Final Fantasy VII, an unforgettable title released for the first time on PlayStation in 1997. In addition to returning to the main lines of this story that has marked many players, the new creation of Chronik Fiction lingers on one of the most striking scenes of this adventure. It is obviously about the death of Aeris which occurs at the end of the first CD of Final Fantasy VII. As a reminder, the latter is pierced by the blade of Sephiroth, one of the antagonists of the saga. To view this video, we therefore suggest that you click on the latter available below.

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