Finally, Among Us VR release date

We’ve known for months that Among Us will be coming to VR, but until today, we didn’t have a firm release date.

The wait is over, so you can mark November 10th in your calendar for PC VR, PlayStation VR, and Meta Quest 2. By the way, the Quest 2 store is already accepting pre-orders. is a multiplayer game set in a spaceship where each crew member must complete tasks and above all unmask an impostor who will try to kill everyone else. The VR version and first-person perspective should improve on a game that has already been acclaimed by gamers across all platforms. The impostor would have to redouble his efforts to remain unnoticed, as he would have to look in all directions before realizing his wrongdoings, and the view from above allowed him to be more serene.

VR players will have the option to play only with their peers or mingle with players from a “traditional” game.

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