Finance: Google moves from Oracle to SAP

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is moving its internal financial operations from Oracle to SAP software. The news came by coincidence the same day the Supreme Court of the United States delivered its final verdict in the legal battle between Oracle and Google for 10 years (Google victory).

While the 10-year struggle for Java APIs is now officially over, Google and Oracle remain in competition on other fronts. Google Cloud and Oracle are both trying to increase their respective shares of the cloud computing market by attracting businesses, especially those requiring hybrid and multicloud services, as well as those migrating on-premises workloads. to the cloud.

Oracle has refused for years to certify its database software for Google Cloud, preventing Google from convincing customers who wanted to host Oracle databases in the cloud to come to them. However, last year Google Cloud launched bare metal instances for the Oracle database. “Google Cloud allows Oracle customers to run their Oracle database workloads on Google Cloud using our bare metal solution,” said José Castañeda, spokesperson for Google, in a statement to . “But that’s entirely separate from our decision, as a financial software company, to move our financial systems from Oracle to SAP. “

The cloud war between Google and Oracle

However, Google’s decision stings to the quick at Oracle, where co-founder and technical director Larry Ellison has made a point of highlighting the number of large customers moving from SAP to Oracle cloud-based applications. On Oracle’s third quarter earnings conference call, Oracle listed dozens of companies and government agencies that have moved from SAP ERP to Fusion ERP.

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