Firearms and drugs seized on the North Shore: trapped in the smell of cannabis in the air

It was the smell of marijuana hovering in the air that ultimately drowned the three suspected drug dealers from Terrebonne, in whose homes the police also found many firearms.

The investigation into the case was indeed launched last May, when citizens reported to the police that a single-family home on rue Ludovic-Pepin was emitting the smell of marijuana.

Local residents received permission for medical production from Health Canada, but investigators determined that some of the cannabis produced was sold illegally on the black market.

Armed with warrants, police raided three residences on Tuesday, one in Terrebonne and two in Laval.

These searches resulted, inter alia, in the seizure of more than 270 cannabis plants, more than 22 kg of cannabis in bulk ready for sale, 1.3 kg of hashish, 45 kg of cannabis leaves, 11 firearms, several magazines, more than 3,000 cannabis cartridges. ammunition, a stun gun, and nearly $10,000 in cash.

Three suspects arrested during the operation have been released and may now face various charges of possession of drugs and firearms.

“These searches once again demonstrate the lack of control and rigor in relation to the issuance of permits by Health Canada for the production of cannabis,” lamented the deputy director of Terrebonne/Saint-Anne-de-Plain/Bois-de-Fillon. , Eric Halle.

For several years now, many organized crime figures have been growing cannabis completely legally after obtaining permission from Health Canada, but selling their product on the black market.

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