Firefighters: the main thing is to believe in it! – Science and the future

This article is taken from Les Indispensables de Sciences et Avenir #210 July/September 2022.

Fire-setter, helmsman, blower, secret-maker… Not pretending to replace doctors, hundreds of thousands of people turn to these doctors of many names to relieve burns, shingles or inflammation caused by radiation therapy, the laying on of hands, even phone calls. They evoke “gift” or “liquid.” “Typically, the intensity of the pain subsides quickly,” says Christophe Limajrac, an energy therapist. “People feel more relaxed.” The madness is on the rise, but what does Cartesian medicine say about it? “There is no harm in using these practices,” admits Nicolas Magnet, a radiation oncologist in Foix, “but on a strictly scientific level, they cannot be said to be beneficial.”

No differences

According to his 2017 study of 500 cancer survivors, the incidence of side effects caused by radiation therapy was the same regardless of whether respondents used a fire cutter or not. However, over 80% of patients report “good” or “very good” effects from the healer. Faith in his healing would have been of great importance to this. “I tell my patients: “If you think this can bring you something, do it!” explains Nicolas Magnier. People need personalized medicine. time…”

Lauren Buissu

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