Fires: Gerald Darmanin wants to create 3,000 “green police” positions

Gérald Darmanin announces that he wants to launch “3000 green gendarmerie posts” in order to “improve the work of the judicial investigation”, in particular in cases of arson caused by arsonists, in an interview with a Sunday newspaper this Sunday, August 21. “The goal is to have gendarmes trained in environmental attacks in every gendarmerie brigade.

It will be a revolution,” assures the Minister of the Interior JDD. This summer, “our country had between 80 and 120 fires a day” and “to date, we have made 26 arrests of alleged arsonists.” , – emphasizes Gerald Darmanin. The purpose of these new positions is “a massive strengthening of the Central Office for Environmental Damage Control (Oclaesp)”, he adds.


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Fighting a lot of traffic

This office, created in 2004 and headed by a General of the Gendarmerie, was seized in July to investigate the great fire at Landiras in the Gironde. Its investigators are also tasked with fighting smuggling (drugs, waste, protected species, etc.), as well as doping in sports, physical pollution, food scandals or bioterrorism. Based in the Paris region, Oclaesp has grown with the creation of nine regional subsidiaries since 2020: Bordeaux, Guyana, Lyon, Marseille, Rennes, Reunion, Papeete and Valenciennes.


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