First snowflakes in the villages of Central Corsica: here at last!

This was not only announced, but also expected: snow finally fell on villages of central Corsica. To the delight of residents, whether they are children, young people or pensioners.

On social networks, those who are most nostalgic for powder share photos from six years ago. By the day. Korte and the villages of central Corsica were covered with a thick layer of snow. On Thursday morning, she returned to the winding roads of the region.

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The first large snowflakes fell around 9 am, then calmed down around 11 am, and then around 1 pm the snowfall intensified. The thermometer showed negative temperatures, which led to the formation of puddles in front of the rescue passage of snowplows and salt spreaders. In the morning, several cars were on the road, which led to several minor accidents. In the villages, the paved streets were covered with a thin layer of snow about five centimeters. School transportation has been severely disrupted or even cancelled. Perfect for making your first snowman.

In San Petru di Venacu, Karla Maria, aged 8; Francesca-Maria, 3 and a half, and Marc’Andria, 5, didn’t wait long before putting on their wetsuits for a few slides in front of the village church.

Always anticipate

But not only children rejoice when it snows. In Santa Lucia di Mercuriu, he was expected and anticipated. “The first snows fell six years after the last heavy snowfall in 2017,” recalls 74-year-old Martina with a smile. “Nicely !” – continues the pensioner, who, while waiting for the passage of a snowplow, removed the snow stuck on the windshield of her car with a shovel in her hand. “I parked it on the side of the road so I could watch the snowplow as it passes, what’s more, I hope it doesn’t go on strike,” jokes someone who might have to cancel her fitness and hair salon program for the day . business date, meeting.

She had known for a long time that it was important to foresee in the countryside. “You just need to have food supplies and a good fireplace, even if it’s not eco-friendly, and that’s okay!”

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It’s not 70-year-old Josiane who says otherwise. Like Martina, she is also serene. “I have no problem. I have everything I need, I will last for a long time,” says a pensioner who came to talk with fellow villagers at the village square. For her, this is the golden rule: “The elders have always anticipated summer and winter, and we do the same.” For Isabelle, too, getting stuck in the village because of the snow is not a problem at all. “We are stuck in front of a magnificent scenery. There are worse!” She is laughing. In addition to the beauty of the panorama, the Pentecostal sees in it not only “a benefit to the planet, given the little rain that has fallen”, but also the emergence of solidarity among the villagers. She did not hesitate to share the snow shovel she bought the day before with another resident. “We have provided for everything, so it’s great. When it stops snowing, we breathe fresh air and find our place, and when it snows again, we play cards!”

Remote work option

Getting together, playing cards, enjoying the snow… Yes, but for working people, getting stuck in the snow is also a constraint. This is the case of Lauryn, who, if she takes the opportunity to walk her dogs, is nonetheless afraid that she won’t be able to go to work today. “I have a hearing that I have to go to the Bastia court, but I’m not sure if I can go … In any case, if I manage to go, I don’t know if I can go back upstairs,” she says. “My alternative would be to work remotely to prepare for the competition of national magistrate schools, which I am preparing in parallel,” she said. There is no fear of a power outage for someone who points out that “the wires are buried” in her city.

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If she was offered a remote work solution, unlike her elders, Lauryn didn’t expect snow. “The refrigerator is empty, I was going to go shopping tomorrow, but if it snows again, I won’t be able to.” Worry? Of course not. “I know I can count on my friends in the country,” she concludes, turning her gaze to Josian and Isabelle.

Météo-France predicts that the nights will be cold in Corten, with the thermometer dropping below 0°C in the coming days. Nothing out of the ordinary for a real winter.

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