Five crypto news of the week: Tesla, Japan, USA, Argentina, Cardano

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Here are five new cryptocurrencies that caught our attention this week:

Tesla sends an optimistic signal to global companies
We learned this week that Are you here last month sold 10% of all bitcoin holdings it bought earlier this year. The news raised some concerns in the cryptosphere, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself explained in a tweet: “Tesla sold 10% of its assets mainly to prove Bitcoin’s liquidity as an alternative to keeping cash in its coffers.” … Tesla’s CFO added a second layer to this, stating, “We believe in the long-term value of Bitcoin. Therefore, we intend to keep what we have and continue to accumulate bitcoins through our transactions. Customers buying cars. “

Gaming giant Nexon spends $ 100 million on Bitcoin
Asian video game giant, Nexon (which is owned by a trading empire that also includes crypto exchanges Korbit and Bitstamp) bought 1,717 bitcoins, or roughly $ 100 million, at an average purchase price of $ 58,226. This purchase represents less than 2% of Nexon’s total cash flow. The company’s CEO said, “Bitcoin offers long-term stability and liquidity while maintaining the value of our liquidity for future investments.” You can bet the Nexon example will inspire other giants on the Asian continent.

Committee will push Washington to strengthen regulation of exchanges
An organization would emerge in the United States whose role would be to advise the United States government on raising the level of oversight of cryptocurrency exchanges. This will be accompanied by new KYC measures and anti-money laundering measures. The name of this entity? “Ransomware Task Force“It is an organization made up of FBI agents and cybercrime and cyber risk experts.” Much more can be done to limit the abuse of this amazing technology, “warned Philip Rainer, CEO of the Institute for Security and Technology.

Argentina’s central bank collects cryptocurrency transaction data
Direction South America. central bankArgentina This week, commercial banks across the country were asked to transmit data on transactions made by customers they consider to be crypto traders. Therefore, the witch hunt is open. The institution also asked financial technology companies to do the same. The move predates industry regulation in Argentina, a country of roughly two million cryptocurrency users for 45 million people.

Blockchain Contract of the Century for Cardano (ADA)
We end with the news of Cardano… Our colleagues from Cryptonaute conveyed information that the company has signed a partnership agreement with the Ethiopian authorities. It is the largest deployment in the world to date, according to IOHK, the company that operates Caradano. Specifically, the project plans to use the Cardano blockchain to deploy an identity management solution to all schools in Ethiopia. This will affect 3,500 schools and 5 million students.

Here are the 5 crypto news of the week in the video:


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