Five new COVID-19 cases and contact tracing in Holland. -L.

One of the confirmed cases is a woman under the age of 20. This is close contact with an already reported case of an outbreak in the Western Directorate of Health area.

The other three cases concern a man between the ages of 50 and 59, as well as two men and a woman under the age of 20. These are all close contacts with previously reported cases, but they are not related to the outbreak in the western health authorities area.

There are eight new relocations, including two in the Eastern Health Administration area and three each in the Central and Western Health Administration areas. 1,274 people have recovered.

Two people were hospitalized with COVID-19 infection. Currently, 68 cases are underway, 37 of which relate to the western zone of power, and 22 to the central one.

At the moment, 150,302 people have been tested.

The source of the outbreak in the west is still unknown.

An investigation into the outbreak in the Western Authority area is ongoing. To date, 30 confirmed cases have been linked to the outbreak. The source of the outbreak is still being investigated.

Vaccination sessions continue at health authorities in the west and in the center.

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