Five northerners arrested for drug dealing between France and Spain

This is a major drug traffic between Spain and the north of France, which was stopped thanks to cross-border cooperation between the police services and the courts of the two countries. The investigation began in September 2022. Investigators from OFAST (Drug Enforcement Administration) have benefited from reports of northerners who are smuggling cannabis from Spain after a pallet of 130 kg of weed was confiscated by the Spanish Catalan police. The shipment was destined for a company based in Alluin, in the metropolis of Lille.

Pallets containing 110 kg of grass

A French investigation** by the Lille judicial police** identified the four men who received several pallets, as well as one of their clients, who lives on the Opal Coast. On February 28, four men were arrested when they received two pallets containing a total of 110 kg of marijuana. Ten kilograms of cannabis resin were also found. On March 1, the main client of this network was arrested in Wimer, in the Pas de Calais. A kilogram of marijuana and 2,100 euros in cash were confiscated.

Lille GIR (Inter-Ministerial Research Group) also confiscated a total of €141,500 for criminal assets. A crackdown under the same network is taking place in Catalonia, resulting in the arrest of 10 people and the destruction of six indoor cannabis crops. 4,000 cannabis plants were found there.

Four people were brought to criminal responsibility, three of whom were imprisoned, the fourth was placed under judicial supervision. A fifth person arrested in France is subject to extradition following a European arrest warrant issued by a Spanish judge.

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