Five solutions to protect your smartphone on the beach

Update 6/16/2021 – We’ve updated our guide with new products as the summer holidays approach. Do not hesitate to share in the comments your tips and advice to protect your precious smartphone as well as possible.

Generally, high-end smartphones and some mid-range are IP68 certified (see our selection of the best waterproof models). Translation, no dust can get in and it can withstand submersion to more than a meter deep for several minutes (for more information on the IP68 certification, click here). However, on the beach this is not always enough to avoid its dangers (shocks, sand attack on the hull, water). Here are some solutions to protect your precious mobile during your seaside vacation.

Hide this smartphone that I couldn’t see

The TanSafe is a fake bottle of sun oil. Admittedly, the brand is totally fictitious, but no one will be able to imagine that it is anything other than sunscreen.

However, no cream inside, just an empty space to protect your smartphone from thieves. With dimensions of 170 x 74 x 43 mm, even the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be able to find its place (146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm). It is also waterproof and large enough to also place your papers or your money. If you are looking to place keys in it, be careful not to shake the bottle.

TanSafe at € 12.95>

The Lanhiem case, to strengthen your smartphone

Yes, many smartphones on the market are IP68 certified, but to be sure you don’t damage them, you could equip yourself with a case. Some make it possible to reinforce the resistance to falls in an increased way, while providing a superior seal.

This is what Lanhiem offers with this iPhone case which is IP68, shock resistant and weather resistant.

Lanhiem at € 19.99 on Amazon>

Pouch and waterproof case for smartphone

This type of product already existed before the era of the smartphone, even in prehistoric times when you had to protect your GSM phone. This simple pouch is compatible with 6.8 inch smartphones. It is worn around the neck and if you leave air inside before zipping it, using your smartphone is still possible. IPX8 certified, it can even accompany you while diving, being waterproof up to 10 meters. But don’t tempt the devil, you don’t have to go that deep to use it underwater and shoot aquatic videos.

A few euros more, you can opt for a kit including both a pouch and a waterproof bag (both products are also IPX8).

Beach, Sun, Bag and Zip

This beach backpack captivates with its vintage look and terry cloth design. Available in blue, gray and red, once on the sand, it transforms into a beach towel in seconds.

The latter has a small zipped pocket to hide your phone and protect it from dust and water. This is sufficient if your mobile which is already IP68 the sponge absorbing the majority of water. In addition, it is much more discreet than a pocket stuck in the sand.

The Robinson beach bag at € 57.70>

The bonus idea and almost free

Do you think you’ve already invested too much in your smartphone? So just take a freezer or sandwich bag with zip. On the beach, this will be more than enough to protect from the sand, from the water.

In addition, you keep the use of the screen. Be careful, take a model compatible with your phone, that it does not float in the bag.

Albal bags by 12 at 2 € on Amazon>

We leave you with our guide who will allow you (perhaps) to revive your smartphone if it falls into the water.

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