Fixed camera shake on iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple has just released the iOS 16.0.2 update. As promised, camera shake and creaking issue on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max has been fixed. It also contains other fixes for iOS 16 in general.

A few days after the release of the iPhone 14, several users noticed a bug affecting the camera of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The camera creaked when used in third-party apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. There have been many videos of this error circulating online showing that this was not an isolated issue.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max © Apple

Apple then confirmed that it was a software bug and that a fix would be available next week. Finally, it arrived earlier than expected. Indeed, the iOS 16.0.2 update is already available. Besides fixing the camera bug, it contains other fixes for iOS 16 in general. All iPhones running the latest version of Apple’s operating system can benefit from this.

iOS 16.0.2 fixes camera shake, copy and paste bug and more

The patch notes state that iOS 16.0.2 fixes the “camera that may vibrate and cause blurry photos when taking photos with certain third-party apps on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max” bug. Not only were the photos blurry, but camera shake was visible to the naked eye, which seemed especially disturbing. So after installing iOS 16.0.2, there should be no more problems.

As for other fixes, the copy and paste bug in iOS 16 has also been fixed. Whenever users wanted to paste text, the app always asked for permission to access the clipboard. Even after you gave permission once, the message still appeared.

Finally, iOS 16.0.2 also fixes “an issue that caused touch input to be unresponsive on some iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11 screens after repair.” So all iPhones running iOS 16 can download and install iOS 16.0.2. Just go to iPhone settings, then “General” and “Software Update”. Also, feel free to test out the top 10 iOS 16 tricks and hidden features if you have an iPhone compatible with the latest version of the operating system.

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