Flashpoint wants to compensate Anonymo with its cryptocurrency

Flashpoint teaches us how to turn a technical error into a charity to restore its public image. Clever.

How to catch dumplings

The tournament organizer kicked off its last organized competition, FLASHPOINT 3, with the scandal – the Anonymo vs NiP case, which we talked about a few days ago. A scandal that the organizer could well have done without. To help Anonymo, a small entity heavily damaged by this case, the organization decided to sell, in addition to player holocards, holocards that highlight the logs of the server on which Ninjas in Pajamas suffered packet loss. .. A somewhat original way to compensate for the losing team.

Infamous server logs showing packet loss in NiP vs Anonymo match
of Flashpoint 3. All profits from the NFT / Holocard combo will go straight to Anonymo!

This operation, called “Trashpoint Server Logs”, combines communication (through self-mockery) with general economic interests, in particular due to the availability of the $ FLASH required for the purchase and real money invested in the Polish structure. If financial compensation may not meet Anonymo’s expectations, we are primarily entitled to question the ethics of such a maneuver on the part of Flaspoint. The debate on Reddit (which is in full swing) is also worth checking out if you want to know more about the community’s opinion.

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