Fleurs d’Ici raises 5.5 million euros to deploy its WeTradeLocal platform in other sectors

French agritech is at the service of ethical flowers. The Fleurs d’Ici start-up raises 5.5 million euros in Serie A from 2050, Bpifrance, BNP Paribas Développement and Kalian Group. The goal: to continue developing its brand of local and seasonal flowers, and participate in the relocation of agricultural sectors by marketing its WeTradeLocal software solution which is behind Fleur d’Ici.

logistical means

In a market where 9 out of 10 flowers are imported, with serious social and environmental consequences“, indicates Fleurs d’Ici, the brand offers flowers to businesses and individuals alike”100% local and seasonal ethics, everywhere in France“. To do this, the company has WeTradeLocal, a supply chain management software, making it possible to connect local agricultural producers with independent artisanal processing units and low-carbon logistics distribution means.

Fleurs d’Ici was born in 2017 following the meeting of former reporter Hortense Harang and Chloé Rossignol. The aim is to offer local and accessible products to consumers. To date, the company has several tens of thousands of individual customers and more than 200 corporate customers, including LVMH, Orange, the Stade de France consortium and the Regional Council of Ile de France for which it provides a regular flowering service for local.

Open up to new sectors

With this fundraising, WeTradeLocal wishes to establish a lasting foothold in the flower market and increase its network of partners. The platform also wishes to develop internationally by recreating local ecosystems country by country. One of the main projects being the deployment of digital infrastructure in order to extend its solution to other agricultural verticals and contribute to relocation efforts.

This is what attracted investors in 2050 who “wish to finance the emergence of an agro-food system that renews soil fertility, reinforces biodiversity and secures the economic equation of all actors in the chain in order to offer qualitative and sustainable products that meet consumer expectations“, they indicate in a press release.

In fact, Fleurs d’Ici plans to subsequently deploy its solution in the food and textile sectors. “As we go from seed to vase, we will go from pitchfork to fork“, announced Hortense Harang. To establish itself as an alternative to Amazon, positioned on sustainable products and short circuits, there is still a long way to go.

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