Florida is warning its residents about crypto car guarantee scams. – Last news

Florida authorities have warned residents to beware of auto-call scammers who sell car warranties. They ask consumers to pay in a variety of ways, including cryptocurrencies.

Florida residents warned against scammers crypto

In a Florida consumer advisory released by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Human Services, the government said it has ordered phone companies to stop transmitting traffic through known robocall scams.

Fraud Robocall defined as Cox/Jones/Samko Since 2018, Panama has made over 8 billion illegal calls to US consumers. in FDAC said he asked the phone companies not to take calls.

However, he added that scammers may use other methods to contact consumers. What include emailing fake “car service notices” and “warranty extension letters”.

Really, FDACS It has identified 5 red flags indicating that consumers should be warned about fraudulent activity. These include, in particular:

  • requests for immediate action
  • false claims
  • requests forInformation private,
  • impostors
  • requests for payment with gift cards or cryptocurrencies.

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The Rise of Cryptocurrency Fraud

Report federal Trade The Social Media Fraud Commission has identified cryptocurrencies as one of the most common forms of fraud on these platforms.

“Reports clearly indicate that social media is a tool for scammers in investment scams, especially those involving fake cryptocurrency investments – an area that has seen a significant increase in reporting.”

In addition, the inclusion of cryptocurrencies among the preferred payment methods of scammers is another example of what the authorities have identified as an increase in crypto-related scams.

In addition, Florida resident Joshua David Nicholas pleaded guilty to misappropriation of $100 million worth of digital assets. This is through investors’ funds on their platform crypto EmpiresX. As a result, he now faces a maximum sentence of five years in federal prison. In August, US authorities also prosecuted another criminal investigation team in Florida. This is for over $4 million in banking and cryptocurrency platform fraud.

Also, Brad sherman, a US congressman, also called for strict regulation of the cryptocurrency industry. While recognizing that it was impossible to ban it.

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