Flynn: Son of Crimson is now available on Xbox Game Pass

Announced on August 24, 2021, ten games published by Humble Games will integrate the service at launch. Flynn: Son of Crimson is on that list.

It has just been launched and is now available in the must-have Xbox Game Pass catalog. So, play as Flynn who does everything possible to preserve the peace on Rosantica, a beautiful and peaceful island. In this handcrafted 2D action platformer, you will experience a royal journey. Master the art of purple energy and defeat the invasion of infection.

To complete this journey, you can count on your faithful companion: Dex. In difficult times, she will be there to support you. The bond between Flynn and Dex is one of friendship, mutual protection, and love.

Download Flynn: Son of Crimson now with Xbox Game Pass and experience a magical adventure. Do not forget, you can overcome the insurmountable with Dex.

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