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MYLOBY, a property transfer management platform, and LivingRoom, a platform that allows owner-sellers and buyers to choose their real estate agent to support them in their project, are joining FNAIM LAB, the support for start-up real estate agents by the National Federation of Real Estate.

MYLOBY, soon to be IONY, is a platform that allows you to manage the transfer of responsibility for an object (and therefore keys) from a location (real estate agency) to a person, between two people and from person to place. The platform uses the Tezos blockchain as a means of proof to certify, authenticate, and secure these exchanges.

“Specifically, imagine the key that the owner, tenant, agent, foreman … or hand over to the agency has to pick up. Now multiply this number of keys by 50. How do you know who has the key, who took it from the branch, where it was left … And finally, who is responsible for the key? We propose to establish traceability and accountability in the transfer of objects, ”explains Timothy Mokur, CEO and co-founder of MYLOBY, which will soon become IONY.

And he adds: “Our tool will add an additional element of reliability and simplification for real estate professionals, which is why we are especially excited to join FNAIM LAB and everything that FNAIM represents in the real estate world.” immovable. “

Two new real estate startups of tomorrow

LivingRoom is the first platform that allows owner-sellers and buyers to choose the real estate agent they want by their side to support them in their project from a set of profiles.

According to Matthew Guerin, CEO of LivingRoom, “The concept of is to prioritize elements at least as important as real estate appraisal: trust, security or human contact, while improving the skills of real estate and security professionals. confidentiality. and data of individuals. “

FNAIM LAB: there are already 17 startups in the asset

FNAIM, through FNAIM LAB, supports those who proclaim the real estate products and services of tomorrow. “The goal of the FNAIM LAB, by supporting the innovation that lies at the heart of our sector of operations, is to encourage meetings, exchanges and gathering the business expertise of its members in their new products,” explains Guy Roche, FNAIM Coordinator. LAB.

“The FNAIM LAB allows us to understand and sometimes guide the technological developments that affect our business and support the entrepreneurs that enter our sector, especially in terms of fame and network,” explains Jean-Marc Torrollion, President of FNAIM.

Launched in 2018, FNAIM LAB has already monitored and chartered 17 startups during a one-year support period. 9 of them are still being followed.

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