FOAM Defoamer EVA lightweight and durable starting at $55.

If you are looking for a lightweight and durable refrigerator to chill drinks and food on the beach or on the street, you may be interested in FOAM. Unlike most heavy coolers, the FOAM is made from EVA foam, the same material used to create the iconic Croc shoe. FOAM is also antimicrobial, antiallergic, BPA and formamide free, so you don’t have to worry about any of the nasty mold or toxic PU foam that other coolers use.

Early contributions are now available for the unique project from around £55 to £48 (depending on the current exchange rate), offering a significant discount of around 44% off the final retail price, while Indiegogo crowdfunding is underway.

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Lightweight FOAM Cooler

“The world’s first hybrid cooler with soft and hard sides made from 100% EVA foam (the same material as CROCS shoes), making it incredibly insulating, sealed, flexible, lightweight, dishwasher safe, buoyant and durable. * Patent application (utility and design). FOAM uses advanced closed cell EVA foam insulation that keeps your contents cool all day long. The insulated body and lid keep cold from 12 to 72 hours, depending on external conditions and intensity of use. There is no better feeling than opening an icecold drink on a sweltering hot summer day. “

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If the FOAM campaign successfully raises the required target and project completion goes smoothly, worldwide delivery is expected to take place around February 2023. To learn more about the FOAM lightweight cooler project, watch the promotional video below.

“With its crosslinked foam and rubber structure, FOAM has exceptionally high strength and excellent shock absorption. You never have to worry about broken zippers, handles or lids with FOAM. A refrigerator that will stand up to all the adventures you take it on without the weight and cost of other heavy ice coolers. In fact, you can run him over with your car and he’ll bounce back. How is it in terms of durability? “

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“Never think twice before throwing a FOAM cooler in the dishwasher. FOAM is the only cooler that is 100% dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean up after some serious fun. FOAM is also antimicrobial, antiallergic, BPA and formamide free, so you don’t have to worry about any of the nasty mold or toxic polyurethane foam that other coolers use.”

For a complete list of all available support options, elastic targets, additional media and other lightweight cooler features, visit the official FOAM Crowdfunding Campaign page using the link below.

Source: Indigo.

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