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Origin Jack Russell

The Jack Russell Terrier is named after Reverend John (nicknamed Jack) Russell. In the 19th century, this English pastor was fond of hunting farmed terriers. He wanted create a dog runs fast, but can slip into holes to catch game or a fox. Thus he bred two very different breeds, the Jack Russell Terrier and the Carson Russell Terrier, which are larger at the withers. Jack Russell has been registered with LOF since 2003.

LOF is a database that collects all the genealogy, health results and performances of purebred dogs. All puppies born to LOF parents are registered there, but only after a confirmation session do they receive their pedigree, a document certifying that the dog meets the characteristics set out in its breed standard.

Physique Jack Russell

  • size: from 20 to 30 cm;
  • weight: from 5 to 6 kg;
  • hair: smooth or coarse;
  • hair color: white or white with fawn or black spots;
  • head shape: flat skull, tapering towards the muzzle;
  • eye shape and color: small, almond-shaped, dark brown;
  • ear shape: triangular and hanging in front;
  • other features: very strong jaw, muscular chest, pronounced neck.

Jack Russell character

The Jack Terrier is a real ball of energy. Despite his small size, he needs to strain. If he manages to adapt to the urban environment, does not endure loneliness, and left to himself, he will not hesitate to do a lot of trouble in the apartment. He likes the countryside better, especially since he stays formidable hunter.

As lively and alert as they are intelligent, Jack Russells, however, are not as easy to train because they are not very attentive. Therefore, it is necessary to find a balance between softness and hardness. Smart, he is nevertheless capable of great feats, which he has proven in the circus or in the movies.

A good guard dog, but also kind and loyal, this is a pet very suitable for children. On the other hand, its energy requirement is such that it is not recommended for the elderly. Although he loves family life, sometimes he can be a little independent, which can cause him to run away.

Jack Russell Health

According to research Tables of annual life expectancy and mortality of companion dogs in the United Kingdom. published in April 2022 in the scientific journal Nature, the Jack Russell is the dog with the longest lifespan, averaging around 12.7 years but can reach 19 years. Despite his overflowing energy, he is prone to gluttony: therefore, it is necessary make sure he is not overweight. In addition, it is important to monitor his teeth and ensure regular removal of tartar.

Very strong Jack Russells can suffer from glaucoma, cataracts, and lens luxation. Finally, be careful when adopting him: he may have hereditary diseases associated with inbreeding.

Jack Russell Award

Count from 500 to 1200 € for a female, from 400 to 1100 € for a male.

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