Focus on job opportunities in the video game sector

Despite the health crisis, the turnover of the video game sector in 2021 amounted to almost 5.6 billion euros (+1.6% compared to 2020). With over 38.2 million players in France, 73% of French people admitted to playing video games at least occasionally. To meet the ever-changing demand, the number of companies in the sector increased by 10% compared to 2020, reaching a total of 650 companies. So many reasons to showcase opportunities in a booming sector.

The video game industry is still too little known

Career opportunities in the video game sector are still too little known today. According to another study by HyperX*, only 36% of teens know jobs in this sector well. A very low percentage of young people who will soon have to decide on their professional orientation. Moreover, many parents find themselves in the same situation. In fact, only 30% believe that the video game sector offers career opportunities.

Nearly 2 in 10 teenagers are considering a career in the video game industry. As for gamers, the score is slightly higher, with almost 3 out of 10 saying so. In addition, 28% of teens surveyed would be ready to become professional streamers or gamers.

It is the creative professions that attract the new generation the most. More than a third of teenagers would like to become game creators. More among boys (52%).

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Video game professions in suspense

According to AFJV, all professions in the video game sector are currently under pressure. Developers/programmers are the most sought-after candidates (29%). Then come graphic designers (26%) or positions in various design professions (15%).

Where to look for a job in the video game industry?

In 2021, 40% more vacancies were revealed (compared to 2020). If you want to venture into this sector, you will have a better chance of finding work in the Île-de-France region. In fact, 54% of job offers come from the Paris region. Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is the second most popular region with 14% of advertising. It is followed by New Aquitaine (9%).

100% remote job offers are on the rise in France and are attracting more and more young candidates. They attract an average of 55 candidates per ad.

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Most permanent contracts in the video game industry

Another advantage: the sector offers more permanent jobs. In 2021, 53% of job offers in the sector were for permanent contracts (+8% compared to 2020). A find for young graduates! Thus, futures contracts decreased compared to last year (-7%).

On the other hand, there seem to be fewer internship offers (23%), with only 2% of work and study contracts published in 2021. However, this is a very low indicator for qualification. Indeed, many schools work directly with companies in the sector: therefore, some offers are not published on the Internet and are filled directly by their students.

*HyperX (a gaming brand of HP Inc.) partnered with Ifop to conduct a study titled “The Perception and Practice of Video Games” among 1,000 teenagers aged 13 to 17 and one of their parents. The results were collected in December 2021.

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