Focus on new online payment methods

When creating a fully functional online store, you need to make sure that it allows online payments for your customers. Choosing payment methods is an important task for e-commerce. Discover in this article new online payment methods that you can use.

Cryptocurrency Payment: Bitcoin

While consumers initially viewed Bitcoin with suspicion, the technology is gaining increasing acceptance, as is Cryptocurrency Cardano

Bitcoin is based on the BlockChain transaction method. This includes combining a series of transactions into a block of data, encrypting it, and then storing it. It is one of the cheapest, fastest and safest ways to complete transactions.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which means it is decentralized and unregulated. The value of bitcoins increases regardless of the reserve bank and other external factors.

Bank transfers

Wire transfer, while not very popular these days, is still considered an important payment method in e-commerce.

It is considered the most appropriate payment method if all other options don’t work. Some e-commerce stores also offer bank transfer payment options.

Customers registered with an online bank can make bank transfers for their purchases, which is the safest method as transactions must be approved and authenticated by the customers.

It is an easy way to shop online without requiring the customer to have a card to pay.

Electronic wallets

The e-wallet is one of the current trends offering a new shopping experience. The use of e-wallets is becoming very popular.

Electronic wallets require registration from both sellers and buyers. After creating an account and linking it to a bank account, they can withdraw or deposit funds.

The whole e-wallet process is quick and easy. Considered an advanced and instant digital payment method, e-wallets can be integrated with mobile wallets using advanced features. PayPal and Skrill two giants currently on the market.

Pay with PayPal

PayPal it is also a payment method that allows you to send and receive money online. PayPal accounts come in two types: personal and business.

The rules and fees vary depending on the currencies used, the amount of cash and the type of account the user has. As a customer, you are generally not charged for shopping online with PayPal.

However, if you are a merchant and accept any major form of payment through PayPal, there will usually be a transaction fee.

Payment via Skrill

Skrill is a secure payment method that can be used for e-commerce and money transfers. Skrill is very often the cheapest option, offering very competitive fees and rates. It is very easy to use, allows you to make fast transactions, and the company has been on the market for a long time, which is trusted by a large number of customers.

Credit / Debit Card Payments

Card payments are one of the most widely used and popular payment methods around the world.

As a global payment solution, by enabling card payments, merchants can enter the international market.

Credit cards are easy to use and secure. The customer only needs to enter the card number, expiration date and CVV code that was entered as a precautionary measure.

When it comes to debit cards, they can be considered the next popular online payment method. MasterCard and Visa are major credit / debit card media representatives around the world.

Pay with Payoneer

Payoneer has a strong focus on international transactions and is popular in the e-commerce industry in China.

Users can make multiple payments in different currencies through virtual bank accounts, and the process is almost instantaneous. Merchants can also manage billing through Payoneer. There is no charge for receiving funds from another Payoneer user.

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