Football streaming: channels, prices, matches … all subscriptions under the microscope

We updated this article on 01/28. As Mediapro cannot pay the amount due for the broadcast of L1 and L2 matches, the channel’s days are numbered. It will return its lots to Mediapro and a new call for tenders must be organized.

Problem, Canal +, candidate for their acquisition, does not agree with the terms proposed by the League. Before discussing the different subscriptions, let’s take stock of this new soap opera in progress.

RMC Sport, Canal +, beIN Sports and Mediapro (for a while)… there are always more football broadcasters on TV and the offer is not always very readable.

To help you see more clearly, here is a summary table and a focus on the different subscriptions available in streaming and via your TV box.

Which subscription (s) to choose to watch football in the 2020/2021 season?

Price Championships
Canal + (basic pack)

€ 19.90 (without commitment / 2 years)

€ 24.90 (1 year)

€ 9.95 (- 26 years old)

Ligue 1 (2 matches per day), Premier League

Canal + with Sport + pack From € 39.90 / month

Ligue 1 (2 matches per day), Premier League, Ligue 2 (2 matches per day), Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, SüperLig

bein Sports 15 € / month

Ligue 2 (2 matches per day), Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, SüperLig

RMC Sport 19 € / month

Champions League, Europa League, Premier League

The Téléfoot channel
From € 3.90 / day

Ligue 1 (8 games per day), Ligue 2 (8 games per day), Champions League, Europa League


What is happening between Canal + and the LFP currently?

  • Mediapro cannot pay the broadcasting rights for French football. The Football League is at an impasse and must find a new broadcaster as soon as possible. Canal + is an ideal candidate, but the group led by Maxime Saada is in a strong position and intends to impose its conditions.
  • The LFP will organize a new call for tenders. She collected the Mediapro batches, but not those from Canal +. However, the encrypted channel absolutely wants to make its lot number 3 (20% of matches). Why ? Because she feels her value has dropped significantly.
  • A standoff is therefore underway between the two actors. The League clearly has more to lose than Canal after the Mediapro fiasco. The risk is that the rights will not find a taker quickly. It would be a considerable loss of income for French football.
    Latest turnaround to date: Canal + is taking the LFP to court to contest the terms of the new call for tenders. A first hearing is set for February 19 at the Paris Commercial Court.

1. Telefoot (Mediapro): a few more months and then go?

In France, Mediapro was a new challenger with disproportionate ambitions in the ball of sports broadcasters. In 2018, the group obtained the broadcasting rights for 80% of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches. This until 2024 for an amount of around 800 million euros.

Its Telefoot channel was launched on August 17, 2020. But after only a few months, the broadcaster assured that it wanted to renegotiate the amount to be paid for the broadcasting rights for the matches of the 2020-2021 season. Obviously, the Professional Football League did not hear it that way.

Today, after two months of conflict, Mediapro and the LFP have finally found common ground.

The Telefoot channel still continues to broadcast and broadcast the matches today. This will change when the call for tenders of the LFP has taken place and Canal + will be in accordance with the terms proposed by the League.

In the meantime, here are the new low cost plans offered by Mediapro.

  • Day pass at € 3.90
  • The 3-day pass at € 6.90
  • Weekly pass at € 9.90

As a reminder, the service offered these 3 other formulas when it was launched:

  • A mobile pass that was at € 14.90 / month, but with Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches only, in SD quality at best.
  • The standard offer which was at € 25.90 / month with 1 year of commitment, with matches in Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Champions League and Europa League (group stages).
  • The offer with Netlix which was at € 29.90 / month with a 1 year commitment with the matches mentioned above and Netflix.

  • The championships (still) available on Telefoot (Mediapro) : Ligue 1 (8 games per day), Ligue 2 (8 games per day), Champions League, Europa League
  • The old tariffs : From € 14.90 / month with the mobile pass without commitment, but which only gave access to Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. The most comprehensive offer started at € 25.90 / month and the package Netflix was € 29.90 / month.

The three daily shows that were broadcast:

  • At the heart of the clubs ” (12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m.), presented by Marina Lorenzo, accompanied by a consultant.
  • Football Culture ” (7 pm-9.15pm), presented by Thibault le Rol.
  • Night club” (10:45 p.m.-11:45 p.m.), presented by Marine Marck Pierre Nigay.

On match weekends, Smaïl Bouabdellah (“Saturday Football “), Saber Desfarges (“Ligue 2 Exclusive), Thibault Le Rol (“Sunday Football “) and Anne-Laure Bonnet (“The True Mag”) were each at the head of a time slot. With their consultants, their mission was to debrief, analyze and comment on league matches. As for consultants precisely, Telefoot had put the package to recruit heads well known to fans of football.

Pierre-Yves André, Benjamin Nivet, Florent Balmont, Matthieu Bodmer, Loic Perrin or Nicolas Douchez were there. So many former players who benefit from solid footballing expertise and the respect of many of their peers. Let’s not forget either Bixente Lizarazu and Grégoire Margotton who commented on the most beautiful posters.

Finally, several documentaries completed the grid. Broadcast at the rate of one episode per week, they were often intended to immerse subscribers in the daily life of clubs and Ligue 1 players. Among the titles that had been announced, “League of Talents “, “Cloakroom Ligue 2 “, “Issa Nissa”, or “Inside Ligue 1 “.

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2. Canal +: which football championships to watch?

Canal + is the historic football broadcaster in France. Although it has marked generations, it has faced competition in recent years by newcomers, starting with beIN Sports in 2012 and its purchase of part of the broadcasting rights of Ligue 1.

Today, even if the Canal group had to fight, it still remains attractive to football fans by broadcasting the Premier League and the most beautiful posters of Ligue 1 (season 2020/2021).

It is also possible that the group will regain control of the rights of Ligue 1 and Ligue 1. This will depend on the next call for tenders and the possible resolution of the “conflict” between Canal and the LFP.

  • The championships available on Canal +: Ligue 1 (2 matches per day), Premier League (on Canal +)
  • The championships available with the Sport + pack (beIN Sports and Canal + Sport) : Ligue 2 (2 matches per day), Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, SüperLig
  • The price for the basic pack to watch Canal + : from € 19.90 / month with or without commitment. Those under 26 can take advantage of a subscription for € 9.95 / month.
  • The most complete Sport + pack with beIN Sports and Canal + Sport : from € 39.90 / month with or without commitment.

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3. beIN Sports: which football matches should you watch?

beIN Sports is the subscription for you if you are a fan of foreign championships. Besides the French Ligue 2, the channel also broadcasts La Liga (Spanish), Serie A (Italian), Bundesliga (German) and SüperLig (Turkish). You will however miss the English matches.

  • The championships available on beIN Sports : Ligue 2 (2 matches per day), Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, SüperLig
  • The price : The non-binding subscription to beIN Sports is 15 euros / month.

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4. RMC Sport: which football competitions to see during the 2020/2021 season?

RMC Sport is a channel created in 2016, which replaced SFR Sport. In 2020/2021, it will continue to broadcast the Champions League, Europa League and Premier League. Something to satisfy European and English football fans.

  • The championships available on RMC Sport : Champions League, Europa League, Premier League
  • The price : from 19 € / month.
  • For SFR box subscribers : the latter benefit from an advantageous rate increasing the subscription to 9 € / month.

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Our advice to be in the mood, just like at the stadium

Which 4K TV to choose for watching football?

Televisions all have different characteristics. To watch sport in the best conditions, you will have to look for TVs capable of displaying a fluid image so as not to miss any action. This is determined by 3 criteria.

First, there is afterglow time to consider. It broadly represents the time that the television will take to erase the previous image and display the next one.

Then there is the refresh rate which determines the number of images displayed on the screen per second. The more there are, the smoother the action will be, quite simply. Be careful, because you may be limited by your broadcast source.

And finally, there is the motion compensation motor. It helps prevent moving objects, such as a balloon, from being blurred.

Today, most high-end televisions have a panel of at least 100 Hz. Some manufacturers stand out when it comes to motion compensation, such as Phillips and Panasonic, which are very well known in the field.

Where and when can you find 4K TVs at the best price?

Summer and winter sales, French Days, Black Friday, refurbished devices … just like other high-tech products, televisions also benefit from discounts throughout the year. It is obviously during these occasions that good deals emerge, but not only. There are also important offers before the start of major competitions like the World Cup.

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