Footbridge: Platform for studying the environmental impact of a product.

Ethical Fashion Specialist Good Fabric and Blockchain Tracking Expert Tilcal are announcing the launch of the Footbridge platform, which aims to provide reliable tracking of textile products.

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Saas (Software as a Service) Tracking and Product Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) system aims to help brands meet consumer transparency expectations. The information on the platform is unchanged: blockchain technology is based on both progressive data blocking and a detailed history of information input. In this way, Footbridge intends to establish itself as a management tool for the sustainable design of collections.

“This innovative solution is based on real world conditions and our expertise,” explains Natalie Lebas-Vautier, co-founder of Good Fabric. “We sincerely hope brands will use it to grow and improve the sustainable design of their products to reduce their environmental impact. Improving traceability is the first step towards a more responsible textile industry! keep asking for more transparency. “

Consumers who will have access to the data of the network by scanning the QR code written on the product labels. Thus, Good Fabric recalls that a study by Ipsos Mori, conducted before the health crisis, found that nearly 80% of consumers believe that apparel brands should provide information on their environmental obligations. And 64% would dissuade them from buying a brand associated with pollution.

As previously stated by, blockchain is gaining more traction in the fashion industry, both in the industry itself and in customer relationships, and in the fight against counterfeiting. LVMH, Prada and Cartier recently announced the rollout of their Aura blockchain, and the Arianee consortium raised € 8 million last March. Added to this are Tex (Carrefour), GoodsID or Kering initiatives. But if blockchain remains a tool, the pursuit of traceability becomes a problem that can directly influence the choice of supply in the sector today.

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