FOPH is not yet recommending a third dose of the vaccine.

The number of doses administered in Switzerland exceeded 9 million (9,046,281). Overall, 48.3% of the population is fully vaccinated and 54.4% received at least one dose. This means that 66% of adults received at least one dose, and 59% both doses.

Since the beginning of summer, there has been a slowdown in vaccination. The elderly population alone is covered by almost 80%. Virginie Masseri recalls that anyone can vaccinate: Switzerland continues to receive vaccines (1.5 million doses in July and the same amount in August).

Resumption of vaccination at the beginning of the school year

“We don’t want to accumulate supplies,” the doctor said. We will cut back on orders if vaccinations are not followed so other countries can benefit from them. ” However, FOPH expects to resume vaccinations at the start of the school year.

“The cantons are making efforts to strengthen vaccination and offer it to everyone,” she said. If Delta is highly contagious, it is especially important to get vaccinated before fall.

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“We still have enough non-immune people in Switzerland to fear overwhelming hospitals. The virus will certainly become endemic like other seasonal viruses. The vaccine remains a much safer immunization agent than the infection. about 1000 times more than suffers from complications with the vaccine. “

As for the issue of the withdrawal, it is still being studied: it is not yet clear when and to whom this measure will be intended, continues Virginie Masseri. “But if necessary, we would be ready.”

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