For the 3rd dose of the vaccine for residents of centers who have not undergone coronavirus.

People who did not get the coronavirus before vaccination have much fewer antibodies.

Administration third dose for residents and staff of nursing homes would be helpful, Sciensano said Wednesday based on a PICOV-VAC study conducted in January at two health centers in Belgium.

This study found that all participants, young and old, developed antibodies against the coronavirus after being administered two doses of BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine… Therefore, he emphasizes the importance of giving two doses to people who have not had coronavirus before, Sciensano notes.

Residents and staff who contracted Covid-19 prior to vaccination are already producing large amounts of antibodies after a single dose of the vaccine.

However, the amount of antibodies after vaccination is higher in people who have had covid before vaccination. Residents of the centers who did not have coronavirus before vaccination developed the number of antibodies the weakest after two doses.

In addition, both residents and employees having Covid already do before high amount of antibodies after a single dose vaccine.

However, the researchers note that amount of antibodiesalthough generally critical, not the only factor which plays a role in the development of immunity. The study was conducted by Sciensano, ULB, Institute for Tropical Medicine, ULiège and Mensura.

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