For the first time, a ‘robot rapper’ signs with a label.

FN Meka, the AI-powered “robot rapper” who has over 10 million followers on TikTok and over a billion views on the platform, has signed with Capitol Records.

Her debut single “Florida Water” was released this week. This song is the result of a collaboration between Gunna, the record-breaking number one on the charts, and the current defendant in the RICO case, Atlanta rapper Young Thug and Clix, a professional Fortnite player.

Despite the fact that FN Meka is performed by a human, all other music, according to its creators, is based on artificial intelligence.

Capitol Records said the project is a blend of music, technology and gaming culture, adding that the deal is part of the evolution of the music giant’s 80-year history, calling it “a preview of what’s to come.”

The creators of FN Meka, a “virtual” record label, last year explained the process of creating a processor to MBW. Thus, they created an artificial intelligence technology that “analyzes popular songs of certain genres. Based on this, the technology generates suggestions for the building blocks of new songs, such as lyrical content, chords, melody. [et] pace,” explains Anthony Martini, co-founder of the company.

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