Forced landing: “We’re not going to die for a football game!”

PublishedSeptember 2, 2022, 5:16 pm

Emergency landing“We’re not going to die for a football game!”

The plane with the players of the French football team was forced to turn around due to a technical malfunction.

Amelia Airlines plane.

The plane carrying the players of the Rodez football team to Guingamp was scheduled to return on Friday due to a technical problem, as we learned from relevant sources, which led to the decision of the PFL to postpone the match of the 7th day of Ligue 2. Guingamp -Rodez scheduled for this Friday (20:45). “We are all still in shock. Usually I say that I am not afraid of anything, but here … After ten minutes of flying over the plane, a very large smoke enveloped. It was not visible ten meters away. There was a strong smell of burning,” said Pierre-Olivier Murat, president of Rodez Aveyron Football (RAF), who was on board. The leader added that his players were not immediately able to board the plane. “We discuss everything, deal with the stress and fear of the players, but we are not going to die for a football match!” he said.

U-turn “according to the protocol”

For his part, Alain Régour, CEO of Amelia Airlines, acknowledged the “smoke release”. “The pilot perfectly complied with the protocol, we turned around, deal with the problem. It was calm on the plane, but some of the players were scared,” he said.

In 2004, the Rodez club was already the victim of an incident during a flight that took the team to Bastia for a CFA match (4th division). The plane’s door exploded while flying over the Mediterranean Sea, sucking two players into the void, finally strapped in. The team landed at Bastia unscathed and were able to play and win their match the next day.


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