Ford Invests in Exclusive Corridor for Connected Self-Driving Vehicles at Highway 40km – Le Grand Plateau

Startup Cavnue is developing a one-of-a-kind connected self-driving car corridor in Michigan (home to 75% of U.S. investment in automotive R&D) and just raised a multi-million dollar investment led by Ford. The automaker was involved in $130 million (something more than R$642 million) received from the project, which will develop along a 40-kilometer section of US I-94.

In particular, the corridor will be designed for connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) plying between the cities of Detroit and Ann Arbor. Further expansion of the project is planned for the future, including the hope of expanding throughout the United States.


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Self-driving car corridor will have more efficient traffic

The section will be based on technologies such as vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity that will help cars and trucks pass through busy areas and drive more efficiently. “We will prove to the world that we can create a working environment for modern vehicles that is safer and more efficient than a conventional highway,” said Tyler Duvall, CEO of Cavnue.

With Ford as one of its main sponsors, the startup will use Ford vehicles and the automaker’s own autonomous driving systems to develop and showcase the Connected Corridor. Ford’s technical team will help Cavnue understand original equipment manufacturers (OEM) requirements and accelerate the development of the digital infrastructure needed to communicate with the VCA, including message definition, discovery, and protocols.

As of now, Duval is still in dialogue with US lawmakers (for details and legal clearances on the highway corridor). Management hopes that these issues will be resolved by 2024 or 2025, before a pilot program is launched.

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