Ford offers PS5s … on one condition

After years of waiting, the PS5 finally released last month. Gamers around the world have taken the merchants by storm. Result, the PS5 is currently out of stock. To afford the latest generation console from Sony, there is nothing to do, except wait …

Ford may have another solution. It has indeed announced a few days ago that it will offer PS5, but there is a condition, and not just any. In order for Ford to give you the PS5 free of charge, you “just” have to buy a Ford vehicle: the all-new Explorer Plug-in Hybrid.

The builder with the blue oval is looking to kick players off, but when they find out the price of the Ford Explorer, they will think several times before succumbing to its commercial offer. The Playstation 5 is sold at 499 €, the price of the Ford Explorer is much higher. It is displayed from 77,000 €! Is this a good deal? “The question is quickly answered” as the other would say.

Ford Explorer buyers will have to wait like everyone else until their new car is delivered (which usually takes several months) to enjoy their PS5 (unless the vehicle is already in stock). In short, you will understand, in any case, you have to wait!

It should be noted that this operation is strictly reserved for the Spanish market. In France, the American manufacturer has not launched such an operation. In addition, in its press release, Ford specifies that the PS5 will be offered to the first Explorer customers without mentioning the expected quantities.

Whatever you think, Ford is particularly involved in the world of video games. Recently, he even brought to life the P1 that Team Fordzilla came up with for the Gran Turismo game with the help of his community. Everything suggests that the American manufacturer will continue in this direction. It is worth remembering that 35% of the world’s population play video games.

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