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Foregone is a fast-paced, smooth 2D action-platform game packed with legendary loot and stunning pixel art.

thanks to Big Blue Bubble who gave us a free copy of the game for media coverage and review. The publisher / developer therefore authorizes us to distribute and / or use extracts from the game for our production needs and does not intervene in any way in the attribution of our final mark. # Article13Free

► Note that the tested version is that of the Switch. The game is also available on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.
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Years after a devastating war, the town of Calagan is once again besieged by an all-corrupt force known as La Tourmente. As the strongest city’s super-soldier, it’s up to you to investigate the origins of the Turmoil and prevent its revived minions from destroying your city. But the Turmoil doesn’t just rekindle the dead – it brings back memories that are best forgotten.

Foregone is a fast-paced and smooth 2D action-platform game packed with legendary loot and awesome pixel art. Collect an arsenal of powerful weapons and upgradeable skills, then use them to shoot and fight your way through handcrafted pixel environments hiding a treasure trove of secrets.

Reveal a fascinating story of regret and conspiracy as you slice your way through hordes of enemies and complete your mission to save Calagan from total annihilation.

Our full review

Before starting the review, I will immediately take stock of something very important. From the perspective of someone who plays Dead Cells a lot like me, I would indeed say that Foregone exhibits a few similar traits. On the other hand, some people have the annoying habit of saying that it is a clone of roguelite, which is totally false for several reasons.

First of all, Foregone is by no means a procedural game like Dead Cells. Every level, every enemy and every chest is always in the same place, whether you die or not. Besides, speaking of “death”, you lose nothing when you die apart from gold and stones for your skills. Everything that is recovered, whether weapons, armor and other accessories, remains in your possession. Otherwise, for the rest, it’s quite similar although the fights are nevertheless a little slower than Dead Cells. In short, just because the game is retro pixel art and is so smooth, doesn’t mean it is a clone. Certainly, some things are similar, but the games are very different at the very source of the way they are played.

Now, let’s talk a bit more about the game and our take on it. Foregone, a Dead Cells tribute game in my opinion, is a game that puts you in the shoes of an Arbiter who must restore order and justice in the city of Calagan. Both super smooth and super fast, the game will put you in the shoes of a super soldier capable of slyly attacking enemies, dodging strikes, and using a ranged weapon to finish the job with ease, speed and dynamism. That said, it can also be a fly in a windshield if you rush headlong hoping to kill the five or six enemies that are in front of you because they’ll be happy to piss you off.

The use of ranged weapons like the bow, the revolver, the assault rifle or even the shotgun is all in all quite effective since the attack automatically targets the nearest enemy. Unfortunately, it can also turn out that the target is not what you wanted, creating more harm than good. As for the strikes with the various melee weapons, things are going relatively well. Personally, I love to fight with double daggers because the attacks are both very fast and often do damage in front and behind. Using this type of weapon with a shotgun can be quite devastating, believe me!

The game offers you several pieces of equipment but, in addition, each piece has a progression system. The higher the level, the more chances you have of getting various color coins in principle of the classics white (common), blue (rare), purple (epic) and yellow (legendary) and each level also has a certain number of upgrades possible.

Add to that a skill system as well as a talent tree that you can unlock using items you find as you progress. Whether it’s a shield of protection, a healing spell, a dash-attack, or even a temporary attack boost… whatever you find will come in handy one day or another. Each skill, too, has an upgrade system that will allow you to boost them as you progress.

The sets of the game are sublime. Ranging from devastated areas to devastated areas, some of them will give you chills down your spine. The more you progress, the more you will find new areas with new mini-bosses and main bosses as well as books and notes on the current history of the game. In all honesty, I haven’t fully followed the story because I I had only one desire: to continue to progress and to continue to rush into the enemies.

Definitely, it’s a beautiful little indie gem. Some shortcomings like not being able to break an attack momentum to dodge an enemy attack make the game a little frustrating… but you get used to it in the long run. It’s an ideal platformer for fans of 2D action games and it really deserves a look!


General appreciation (is not an average of the above scores)8 / 10

To know the criteria of our scoring system, visit this page.


  • Beautiful graphics in retro pixel art
  • Pleasant music
  • Lots of secret areas
  • Lots of equipment
  • Lots of skills
  • Nice management of talent trees
  • Slightly catchy story
  • Lack of fluidity in combat
  • A bit slow for a fast action game
  • Difficulty management at times

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