Forget Fortnite, the ‘World’s First Combat Calculator Game’ Comes to the Switch

Last May, we spoke to you in a text full of sarcasm of the application Calculator, a very ordinary calculator for the Switch, sold at just over $ 13.

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That said, as if one expensive calculator weren’t enough for the console, a SECOND app of its kind has just appeared on Nintendo eShop, as Nintendo Life has noticed. However, this one is not cut from the same fabric.

Why is that? Because we are talking here about Battle Calculator (!), a multiplayer (!!) calculating game (!!!) where you can compete against three of your friends in a battle that would make Pythagoras very proud.

The goal of the title is quite simple, but the parts can obviously quickly become complex: Battle Calculator choose a number and you must reach it before your opponents by using the calculator to perform math operations. Be careful, however, you can only use numbers between 0 and 9 and decimal places between 0.1 and 0.9.

Image courtesy Blacksmith DoubleCircle

To do this, you can use addition, subtraction, multiplication or division … as well as the rest of the calculator functions that ordinary people don’t really use.

Released this Thursday on the Switch, Battle Calculator prides itself on being “the world’s first combat calculator game” and, honestly, you don’t have to believe it too much.

All kidding aside, the whole could surely prove to be interesting and educational for a certain clientele, provided you are ready to pay $ 20, a fairly high sum for this kind of title.

But OK, Battle Calculator has the merit of being something other than a simple calculator sold over $ 13, like some other software on the Switch … It’s a start.


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