Former tennis player Maria Sharapova goes to Web3

While women struggle to “impose themselves” on Web3 (the decentralized network that uses blockchain technology, or blockchain), that may well change with “superstar” Maria Sharapova’s investment at the heart of what many consider to be the successor to the Web. 2.0. Because yes, Web3 is still “dominated” by men…

“Women should not be afraid to present their ideas”

The former tennis player intends to encourage the fairer sex to follow her example: “Women do not often discuss issues of finance and money,” explains the one whose personal fortune is estimated at around $ 200 million. They may have ideas, but they don’t tell their friends or those around them. So I would tell them, “Don’t be afraid to present your ideas or make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to seize opportunities.”

Listen to his “advocacy” in this video from our partner Brut.

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