Former Twitter head of cybersecurity accuses him of gross negligence

Published: 27.08.2022 – 19:33

The former head of social media security accused the US firm of not taking steps to ensure the safety of its users. He also denounces the existence of software that allows thousands of Twitter employees to view the data of the platform’s followers.

Pater Zatko’s skills as a repentant computer hacker have landed him in charge of Twitter’s cybersecurity department. But as a result of an open conflict with the management of the company, he was fired in January 2022.

A former employee who is filing a complaint against Twitter has revealed to the American press all the computer security glitches the firm is used to. Half of the company’s servers hosting user data are outdated and vulnerable. He also denounces the existence of content moderation software that allows thousands of social network employees to view the personal information of Internet users.

The device is reported to be used by some governments for surveillance and espionage purposes. In particular, the Indian intelligence services, which would force Twitter to provide access to the software.

Following the whistleblower revelations, Cnil in France decided to launch an investigation into non-compliance with general data protection rules. Ireland’s equivalent of the Commission has also launched a procedure to test the validity of the allegations against Twitter.


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