Fortnite, Chapter 2, Season 2: Unlock the Golden Variants of Combat Pass Skins, Our Guide

You surely noticed the golden skins in the different trailers of season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2. Now, once the update arrives, it’s disappointment and apart from the hands of Midas, no gilding on the horizon for your season 2 skins. The reason is quite simple, these golden versions of the season 2 skins of Fortnite Chapter 2 do not unlock immediately.

Last season, Epic Games removed the maximum level limit on Fortnite (previously the maximum level was 100) without adding content around this new feature. So you can imagine that this season, it will be used to give you a goal, even if you think you have unlocked everything.

We therefore suggest that you find below the list of all the skins of the season concerned by the golden version and especially to see what level it will be necessary to reach to recover them. Attention, for some the levels requested are extremely high and it will be difficult to reach them.

  • Midas : Reach level 100
  • Brutus : Reach level 140
  • Tntina : Reach level 180
  • Skye : Reach level 260
  • Mister Banana : Reach level 300

Complete Guide Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2, Season 2


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