Fortnite returns to iOS for free via Xbox Cloud Gaming

Now, it looks like NVIDIA isn’t the only one making it easy to play Fortnite on Apple devices. Microsoft has teamed up with Epic Games to make Fortnite free to play on Xbox Cloud Gaming without a subscription. If you have a Microsoft account in one of the 26 countries where streaming is allowed, you can play battle royale through a web browser on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Windows PC. You just can’t stop this game.

The streaming version supports both controllers and touch input. You’ll be happy to know that Creative Mode is also free, though you’ll have to pay if you want to fight AI villains in the Save the World campaign. Microsoft said it would “try to add” more free games to Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The move could boost Xbox Cloud Gaming and encourage Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, which offer you a catalog of games you can stream across multiple platforms. Microsoft has backed Epic’s antitrust fight, arguing that Apple is stifling competition with inapp payments and restrictions on cloud gaming apps. So it makes sense. Free Fortnite gameplay can draw attention to Apple politics while helping Microsoft, Epic and, of course, us gamers.


Image credit: Vlad Gorshkov

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