Fortnite will get a facelift to celebrate the launch of its season 7

A little bit of youth to stay in motion, that can’t hurt a game like Fortnite which will soon come under the knife.

Let it be said, Epic Games intends to pamper its little Battle Royale for a long time to come.

In addition to offering him a new skin in honor of the Dark Knight, Fortnite Chapter 2 is also preparing to undergo a big facelift.

This cosmetic surgery, which will take effect from June 8 for the launch of the season 7, will provide players with clear visual enhancements.

These will directly impact PC players, in particular with regard to post processing and shadow play (we apologize to console players, because PCists must surely be laughing at you).

The first effects of these changes will be seen by all those who play via the pre-defined settings (thunderstorms, clouds, smoke and liquid effects).

So many conditions and effects that will give a more realistic tone to your game. The explosions as well as the surrounding flora will also be concerned, which will have nothing to envy to the PS5 and Xbox Series versions.

Fatally, all of these adjustments will make the game more greedy in terms of resources exploited, but as the saying goes: “It’s the game my poor Lucette!”

You can find the full list of these improvements by clicking right here.


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