Forza Motorsport Xbox Series X | S: a tech test launched soon, registrations are open Xbox One Mag

Here we are finally talking about Forza Motorsport on Xbox Series X | S, eighth edition of the famous car racing simulation. Announced many months ago with a little teaser, the Turn10 game is still waiting to reveal to us what it really has on the hood.

Prestige of the license obliges and faced with the promise of the capacities of the Xbox Series consoles to sublimate the experience, many of us are chomping at the bit while waiting for a first lap. What if this one arrives faster than expected? On the occasion of the monthly livestream dedicated to Forza games, we learn that a tech test of the game is in the pipeline and that it will be possible for a selection of players to participate.

To try your luck and perhaps get your precious access to the trial phases, you must register at this address and answer a questionnaire. From there, we cross our fingers!

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