Fox News: Xbox is ‘trying to get your kids involved in climate policy’

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced new default settings for Xbox that require consoles to perform maintenance (updates, etc.) at a time when more renewable energy is available.

They also helped put the console into a deeper sleep during times when you usually play very little (like in the middle of the night or when you’re at work/school, etc.). It all comes together—a smart way to cut down on dirtier energy usage, make better use of every hour of renewable energy production—and lower your electricity bill (which, frankly, hasn’t been fun reading lately).

But not everyone is happy about it. The US edition of Fox News has had great success in getting people to use less dirty energy and save money, as host Jimmy Failla noted on Fox and Friends:

“We understand what it is. It’s not that it actually offsets emissions, okay – the level of reduction is infinitesimal. But they are trying to get your kids involved in climate politics at an earlier age: climate awareness now. »

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who moved very far in the same Republican primaries as Donald Trump to become their presidential candidate, also seemed to notice and was unhappy. He tweeted: “First gas stoves, then your coffee, now they’re shelling your Xbox. »

Should Microsoft and other companies avoid adding power-saving features to their consoles so that no child learns about climate issues, or is this just the worst political aspect of a very early 2023?

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