Frame grabber: how to choose the best frame grabber?

To be able to capture high-definition data on a game console, you must have a capture card, also known as a frame grabber. What’s more, with a capture card, you can convert your DVDs to HD format. But how do you choose the best capture card?

Choose the right format for your purchase card

You can choose a frame grabber according to its format, which can be stationary or mobile. Please note that a PCI or AGP mixed-graphics data acquisition card requires a special slot and a microphone hole in order to be installed.

Choose based on capture resolution

Capture resolution is one of the most important criteria. If you’re looking for high quality images, you’ll have to look to a device capable of producing high definition images (1080p or 4k). For smaller budgets, 720p is fine. But be careful, you must have a good internet connection to really benefit from the high image quality.

Choice of features and software

There are various capture cards with a wide range of features. These features allow users to enjoy ease of use. The more easy-to-use apps and options a product has, the better. Of course, you will have to choose options according to your needs. Also, the choice of video processing software that comes with the card is very important. Don’t forget to educate yourself on this subject.

Thus, in order to choose the best frame grabber that allows you to shoot videos in Full HD, you need to consider certain factors. Among them: the choice of format, image resolution and, of course, the possibilities.

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