France: Don’t say “Cloud gaming” anymore, but “cloud video game” – you’re not ready.

The Official Journal has just published a new decree offering a translation of a set of anglicisms related to the world of video games. This is something to remember.

The General Delegation of the French Language and Languages ​​of France took part in the creation of the FranceTerme Dictionary, which aims to rename scientific and technical innovations in French. Recently, this delegation has focused on the video game sector, teeming with all sorts of Anglicisms. The result of this examination has just entered the Official Journal No. 0124 of May 29, 2022.

Here’s what they say in France about the world of video games

Therefore, France decided to Frenchize many words. If some of them are self-evident, we are still weighed enough on others. So we should no longer say “cloud gaming” but “cloud video gaming”.

Blue, white, red, it’s François the Frenchman!

From the side of eSports, it would be better to say a competitive video game, which is quite logical. On the other hand, some words are now much longer, as it no longer needs to say “streamers or streamers”, but rather “players and live players”. Free-to-Play naturally becomes a “free-to-play video game”.

The intention behind all this is commendable, because it is true that for many subjects Anglicism invades Molière’s language, deforms it, and little by little kills it. But for video games, wouldn’t it be better to respect the word in the original language? Huge debate, but it’s hard not to wince when you read the word “cloud video game”. Even so, deeply loving France and its language.

What do you think of all these new words? Are you an ardent defender of the French language to the point that you use them ALL? Tell us everything in the comments.

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