France: fake medical records for travel to Morocco?

“We suggest that you create a 100% valid health pass issued by the doctors we work with,” explains one of these channels (Snapchat or Telegram), which offers to sell fake (real) coronavirus vaccination certificates. The channel claimed that Information about France who pretended to be a buyer of 250 euros in exchange for a health pass. The amount to be paid in Monero, a cryptocurrency that guarantees the anonymity of transactions. The duration of obtaining precious sesame seeds is one week. “We have to drown the files in mass, hence the slowness of the file,” explains one of them.

In Snapchat, the interlocutor reassures: “It works! I already have people who have traveled with them, have visited Morocco, Spain, Portugal … “. He says he works with a doctor in his city of Savoy: a professional authorized to publish a certificate on the health insurance website. “The doctor receives 300 euros for the vaccine. Subsequently, he does not make them en masse, he draws attention to himself. The certificate, he continues, will be available directly on the official website “It’s a real QR code, as if he injected you with a dose. He pours the vaccine down the sink and writes that he delivered it to you. That’s it, it’s that simple. “

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There are plenty of similar advertisements on the net. Another user promises a pass after 24 hours: “You must send me your Vitale card and a deposit of € 110. “” I need your life card in the photo, please. The price is 250 euros, you pay with the Safe Card. [sur Paypal]details profile. France Info reporters noted that some of the profiles they contacted were deleted overnight, and the phone number became unavailable. This will not be the case with their colleagues from Paris. They managed to get a real (false) vaccination certificate at the vaccination center for 300 euros.

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health said it is “following this topic very closely.” In addition, he “alerted ARS, as well as vaccination centers, to heighten their vigilance and identify any suspicious activity or movement.” In the event of falsification of documents, violators are subject to a severe penalty: a fine of 45,000 euros and a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

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