France: July 2022 was the second driest month ever recorded, according to Météo-France – Sciences et Avenir

July 2022 is “the second driest month of all months combined” in France since measurements began in 1958-1959, with a combined rainfall of 9.7 millimeters, Météo-France reported on Monday.

This represents a rainfall deficit of 84% compared to the norm for the period 1991-2020, specifies Météo-France.

So far, the driest month ever recorded is March 1961 with 7.8 millimeters, specifies Météo-France, whose first rainfall records are from August 1958.

July 2022 also becomes “the driest month in July for the period 1959-2022,” Météo-France points out. According to the National Weather and Climate Service, previous records are for July 2020 with 16.7 millimeters of rainfall and July 1964 with 24.7 millimeters.

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